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26 December 2013 @ 12:20 am
Mostly a rant  
I've been having the usual Christmas: company, food, more food, presents, and even more food making me sleepy and a bit cranky. White bread and red meat don't really suit my stomach any more. Salmon and rye bread are good, though. Got a couple of biographies and two frying pans as present. *g* Plus assorted knick-knacks and chocolate. The weather is not very wintery: it's raining again!

When I've had time I've been reading James/Robbie fic, mostly Sarren's. I even reread the threesome fic and actually enjoyed it a lot more now. I've also tried some of the new holiday fics, but so far it's been the usual, well, meh, I guess is my reaction. All hail Robbie the great etc. And James starts to remind me of Snape in those awful OOC fics that made him The Martyr. Yuck.

Also, doesn't anyone write sex scenes anymore? I think I've read two new James/Robbie fics this year that had anal sex in them. It's like all the writes have secretly agreed that anything more than kissing is a no-no. Maybe they think Robbie's too old now? I wonder if there's sex in Laura/Robbie fics?

Some writers don't even seem to be able to decide if their fic is James/Robbie or James & Robbie. I'm not sure if they're trying to please everybody or just not sure what they're writing. "Pre-slash if you like", indeed. Then there are those who have the same difficulty when it comes to rating their fic. *sigh* I've got used to that one by now, though I still can't see why anybody does that either.

The "best" author's note I've spotted so far starts with "As fond as I was of Hathaway's growing job dissatisfaction" !?!!! I was stunned when I saw that. Why are you writing him if that's how you feel? Why would somebody think that's a good thing to say, anyway? I wonder if the fic's by the same person who earlier this year was fond of Laura and Robbie getting together but wrote a James/Robbie fic after their apologetic note. I'd never seen anything like that before. (Imagine a Snarry writer starting they fic by saying how much they liked Harry and Ginny getting together in canon but...) And how the fuck can somebody be "fond" of James' "job dissatisfaction" (if it even was that). Well, I guess if you hate the character and like to see him dissatisfied?

It was very interesting to notice that the news about Lewis returning was received with no enthusiasm on the community. Either people were enthusing somewhere else, couldn't give a fuck about the show anymore or realised what it meant pairing-wise. Not even the James/Robbie shippers who were so glad when Robbie ended up with Laura in canon have been there demanding a wedding and a happy-for-Robbie James acting as his best man, or "better" yet, marrying the two lovebirds. That's another thing I'd never seen before: people being happy when one half of their pairing ended up with a third character.

I guess it's good to see there are still new things to learn about fandom and fans but some things just reek, and not in the Alan Rickman reciting Shakespeare sense.

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