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07 February 2014 @ 04:20 am
Falling Darkness or things that shouldn't be in Lewis  
- Halloween (especially Robbie doing it)
- obscure illnesses
- pointless, unexplained torture
- mediums and such
- girls "in difficulties" in the 80s
- "doolally" demonstrators
- women with doll babies
- (tw)incest

Because it's more believable when Americans do these things. No offence. To either party.

I've bee rewatching seasons 4-6 of Law & Order and wondering why Anita Van Buren is awesome while Jean Innocent isn't. I'm thinking about doing a Jean post/episode to see if she actually does anything in any of them. Offhand, I can only recall her being active in Life Born of Fire and that's it.

Mostly she just shouts about something completely irrelevant, looks at Robbie admiringly/indulgingly, listens to what's happened so far (she's a recapping tool; I wonder if there's some fancy name for such a character?) or complains about her husband. What exactly is the point of you, Sherlock could ask, with far more justification than he had when asking Mrs Hudson the question.

Meanwhile, Anita is the boss, meaning that she actually often tells the detectives what to do next and generally has useful ideas. She also interviews witnesses and interrogates suspects. She doesn't raise her voice for just anything but takes no nonsense either. She even does some field work.

Oh, and the other two season three episodes of Sherlock weren't good either. I suspect that there comes a point when even the fans start getting tired of Sherlock's complete disregard of everybody else. Also, the "plots" still don't make sense. Which is surprising knowing the writers are basically making some sort of AR versions of ACD's stories.

The most recent Laurence Fox interview. Why don't they ever ask him anything interesting? Or at least take some new pics. And it looks like he hasn't been able to quit smoking after all. :(

The Great Unknown. I think the first half is much better than the rest. It sort of evaporates, and he can't resist doing that high voice thing which can be nice but... if only he'd sung that "there's..." the way he did the beginning. His voice is exquisite, seductive and so very beautiful as it is.

Olympics started already. Opening ceremony tomorrow.
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