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21 February 2014 @ 08:43 pm
Almost over  
The olympics, that is. So far one gold and three silvers to Finland. Men's ice hockey team lost against Sweden earlier today after a half-hearted performance. Good. No need to make any more idiotic "jokes" about Sweden.

Laurence and Billie have been seen out and about again, and this time the "journalist" decided to make it all about Billie's smoking. Should've written about Laurence's instead, if at all. Not able to stop even though it sounds like it's been causing him problems. And then there's his singing too.



Speaking of his singing, The Best Mistake. At first I thought he was going to add "and times" there at the end. :)

It's such a shame he doesn't use that gorgeous, deep, sexy voice of his more when he sings.
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