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13 March 2014 @ 03:03 am
"We'll be better than before"  
I hope it's not just empty words re: Lewis. *g*

Seriously though, Laurence Fox' new song Before is a beautiful, beautiful lullaby. And his voice... *happy sigh* I don't know what it is about this song but I started crying pretty much from the beginning; big raindrop tears, too. And then beamed like a happy baby through the tears. :) There must be something cathartic in it.

Made this Tumblr post yesterday:


My Lewis prediction:

James returns from his two-year monkish retreat just in time to learn that Laura and Robbie are getting married. There’s a bit of sulking and awkwardness, but everything turns out fine when Robbie admits he missed James and James says he’s sorry for leaving without telling Robbie about it.

Robbie asks James to be his best man and James is pleased and organises a stag night full of sexual innuendo for the two of them. Then at the wedding reception, just as James is holding his speech (beautiful and resembling a love letter *on purpose*), *Robbie* finally realises that he is in love with James and starts raving about how it’s always been James and how James keeps him right. And everybody else is all WTF?

Fast forward and we get to see retired Robbie all bored and married and dreaming about James and their crime solving days. Luckily, it turns out that Laura is in danger but also dangerous and ends up trying to kill James. Who crawls back to life because Robbie needs him…

What do you mean, it’s already been done?

I think it's funny. *g*

Still reading Sherlock meta. Now on this blog.
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