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03 August 2016 @ 06:05 pm
And I've gone and become besotted with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Especially Stan. A couple of months ago, while thinking about what to watch, I decided to try them. I had three DVD box sets with their films and, well, I was a goner by the end of the first film, which was A Chump at Oxford. The shorts are the best and there's plenty of them. I've now watched almost all (still waiting for the complete set to arrive) at least once. Current favourites are Liberty, That's My Wife and Their First Mistake. I've also seen some of their solo films from before they became a team. Looking forward to the rest and rewatching and reading about them (ordered many books too).

The Olympics begin on Friday but there's some football already today and tomorrow.
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11 February 2015 @ 06:27 pm
Haven't been here in almost a year. Wow! Still in the Sherlock fandom, but not much new is happening there, unless the Victorian Christmas special just wrapping up the filming counts. Blergh. I don't like how Benedict and Martin look in their costumes, Benedict doesn't have his curls and Martin's got a ridiculous moustche. Whatever. It's not like there's any lack of Victorian Sherlocks and now they think it's a good idea to add one more? Lol. I smell sharks but I still wish they'll do the fourth series, though. If only to see some jaws drop when it dawns on certain fans that, yes, John really forgave Mary. I'm mean.
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30 March 2014 @ 01:41 am
His Goofiness in Oxford:


The eyelashes and Mr Fish:


In other news: Sherlock meta: mostly good although some of it is pretty dubious. I don't think the writers always even see how they contradict themselves in their eagerness to "prove" Johnlock. Personally, I feel that after that song, it's pretty useless to argue against it being what the writers are thinking. Whether they have guts to put it in text is another matter.

Also, yesterday I made another attempt at reading Johnlock fic and found this immensely (judging by the number of hits) popular story and who did I meet? Severus Snape using the name Sherlock Holmes. That was amusing. I mean, I could've swapped the names and it'd been like reading about Severus in Baker Street. Lol. I'm still waiting for the first Johnlock fic that clicks with me. *sigh*

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19 March 2014 @ 11:22 pm
Former Waterloo Road actress Angela Griffin will be joining the new season of the hit ITV show Lewis. Currently in its eighth season, the crime busting team of Lewis (Kevin Whatley) and Hathaway (Laurence Fox) will joined by Griffin who will be ‘playing the new DS’.

I wanted this to remain a James & Robbie show but whatever. They'll probably make him James' love interest too. *sigh* At least Laurence looks good:




In other news: Still reading Sherlock meta and watched Scandal and Hound on DVD today. Ordered the third series too. A pity I don't feel (for now at least) at all attracted to either John or Sherlock, let alone Benedict or Martin. I just want Johnlock to happen, so that they get to have a happy ending. Doubtful, though, I fear many of the meta people are very very optimistic...
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13 March 2014 @ 03:03 am
I hope it's not just empty words re: Lewis. *g*

Seriously though, Laurence Fox' new song Before is a beautiful, beautiful lullaby. And his voice... *happy sigh* I don't know what it is about this song but I started crying pretty much from the beginning; big raindrop tears, too. And then beamed like a happy baby through the tears. :) There must be something cathartic in it.

Made this Tumblr post yesterday:


My Lewis prediction:

James returns from his two-year monkish retreat just in time to learn that Laura and Robbie are getting married. There’s a bit of sulking and awkwardness, but everything turns out fine when Robbie admits he missed James and James says he’s sorry for leaving without telling Robbie about it.

Robbie asks James to be his best man and James is pleased and organises a stag night full of sexual innuendo for the two of them. Then at the wedding reception, just as James is holding his speech (beautiful and resembling a love letter *on purpose*), *Robbie* finally realises that he is in love with James and starts raving about how it’s always been James and how James keeps him right. And everybody else is all WTF?

Fast forward and we get to see retired Robbie all bored and married and dreaming about James and their crime solving days. Luckily, it turns out that Laura is in danger but also dangerous and ends up trying to kill James. Who crawls back to life because Robbie needs him…

What do you mean, it’s already been done?

I think it's funny. *g*

Still reading Sherlock meta. Now on this blog.
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11 March 2014 @ 07:13 pm


Reading a fuckload of Johnlock meta isn't really helping me to get into mood for James and Robbie and the writing that is Lewis. And I don't even ship John/Sherlock. It's just that if even some of the meta proves to be true, yeah, poor Lewis and its dullwitted (is that a word?) writing.

I mean there's meta about how clever the lighting is, what the music signifies and what the props might symbolise in Sherlock.

I started my reading from this blog and just followed the links.



Both pics from LaFox's Twitter.

I like this fish-pic and his pleased expression. :D
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27 February 2014 @ 09:47 pm
Let's hope he comes back well rested and eager to do Lewis, erm, so to speak.


These Strangers pics are gorgeous:


This song has delighted me lately:

In other news: I'm thinking about reading some Lucius/Severus fic. There's absolutely nothing new to read in the James/Robbie fandom. Especially nothing with sex in it. *sigh*
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21 February 2014 @ 08:43 pm
The olympics, that is. So far one gold and three silvers to Finland. Men's ice hockey team lost against Sweden earlier today after a half-hearted performance. Good. No need to make any more idiotic "jokes" about Sweden.

Laurence and Billie have been seen out and about again, and this time the "journalist" decided to make it all about Billie's smoking. Should've written about Laurence's instead, if at all. Not able to stop even though it sounds like it's been causing him problems. And then there's his singing too.



Speaking of his singing, The Best Mistake. At first I thought he was going to add "and times" there at the end. :)

It's such a shame he doesn't use that gorgeous, deep, sexy voice of his more when he sings.
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10 February 2014 @ 04:29 pm
After an extended break from the Police, Hathaway has been promoted to Inspector. When the chemistry that exists with Lewis eludes Hathaway, retired Lewis is drafted back to renew their partnership. It’s a new dynamic for our detectives, but one they’ll have to come to terms with quickly if they are to achieve results.

INSPECTOR Hathaway. After all. Well, what else could they have done when they decided to do THREE (I assume they will be 2x45min/ep) new episodes. I'm hugely relieved they stayed away from everything church/theology related for him. Hopefully they'll keep it that way too. And no more existential flu crap either, please. Also, Laurence has got the screenplay for the first one and it's written by Helen Jenkings:

1new lewis

Difficult to say anything about her because the only cotribution she's made to Lewis so far is writing the screenplay for Intelligent Design, which is Stephen Churchett's story. Who knows how much of it is hers? I just know that I didn't like it, but I didn't like the other series 7 stories either. I also didn't like the James/Robbie interaction in it, what with Robbie treating James like shit.

I really have to wonder what made Kevin and Laurence so keen to make (or is it do?) more episodes.

In other news: I'm convinced that tele-operators make their money by forcing people to call them because the net services mysterously never work as they're supposed to.
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- Halloween (especially Robbie doing it)
- obscure illnesses
- pointless, unexplained torture
- mediums and such
- girls "in difficulties" in the 80s
- "doolally" demonstrators
- women with doll babies
- (tw)incest

Because it's more believable when Americans do these things. No offence. To either party.

I've bee rewatching seasons 4-6 of Law & Order and wondering why Anita Van Buren is awesome while Jean Innocent isn't. I'm thinking about doing a Jean post/episode to see if she actually does anything in any of them. Offhand, I can only recall her being active in Life Born of Fire and that's it.

Mostly she just shouts about something completely irrelevant, looks at Robbie admiringly/indulgingly, listens to what's happened so far (she's a recapping tool; I wonder if there's some fancy name for such a character?) or complains about her husband. What exactly is the point of you, Sherlock could ask, with far more justification than he had when asking Mrs Hudson the question.

Meanwhile, Anita is the boss, meaning that she actually often tells the detectives what to do next and generally has useful ideas. She also interviews witnesses and interrogates suspects. She doesn't raise her voice for just anything but takes no nonsense either. She even does some field work.

Oh, and the other two season three episodes of Sherlock weren't good either. I suspect that there comes a point when even the fans start getting tired of Sherlock's complete disregard of everybody else. Also, the "plots" still don't make sense. Which is surprising knowing the writers are basically making some sort of AR versions of ACD's stories.

The most recent Laurence Fox interview. Why don't they ever ask him anything interesting? Or at least take some new pics. And it looks like he hasn't been able to quit smoking after all. :(

The Great Unknown. I think the first half is much better than the rest. It sort of evaporates, and he can't resist doing that high voice thing which can be nice but... if only he'd sung that "there's..." the way he did the beginning. His voice is exquisite, seductive and so very beautiful as it is.

Olympics started already. Opening ceremony tomorrow.
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04 February 2014 @ 09:38 pm
I've had the DVD for years but only now got around to watch it. It was a good movie, although the cast was too big, and I was expecting it to be an ordinary murder mystery. Instead it was a depiction of life during one weekend in Gosford Park; the family, its guests and servants.

All the actors were great but there was no time to get attached to anyone really because there were too many characters, and nobody had enough screentime, except perhaps Maggie Smith and Kelly Macdonald.

Laurence Fox played Rupert Standish who was trying to woo the daughter of the house. He wasn't too successful. *g* His part wasn't big and there weren't too many close-ups of him in the movie, but he looked great in it:










Now that I think about it, the director seemed to have a preference for his side profile for some reason.
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27 January 2014 @ 02:07 am

I really fancy that. Like A LOT.

A Finnish girl called Peppina Pällijeff performing with JGL. Lovely.

Twisted Sister performing "The Beast". Also lovely. And please don't fuck the cameraman. *g*

Stay Hungry.
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25 January 2014 @ 02:56 am
Seriously, this must be the most ridiculous one of them I've seen so far. Why can't they just publish the photos and facts? Lovely pics, though.

Billie's got a Fjällräven rucksack. :)




I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is hailing a taxi cab:


They showed the first of the three new BBC Sherlocks on Finnish TV. I still don't understand why it's so popular. All issues aside, the plots don't make sense and everything is solved by tricks and magic. This one didn't actually even have a plot. Sherlock came back and then there was an off switch on some bomb. The end.
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18 January 2014 @ 11:13 pm
I've been dreading the moment when my computer decides to call it quits, but what actually happened yesterday was that my Blu-ray player stopped working. Going to buy a new one tomorrow.

I was going to do a recap post of all my Laurence Fox posts on Tumblr, but it seems the tag works now. I am surprised. I have to test the other tags as well.

A new song by him. Lovely words as usual. :)

There's Inspector Morse on tv. Max is wonderful.

Laurence with a toy:


And a fresh pic of the kind that always makes me wonder what it is about him that I find so attractive:


Robbie resists temptation:


When watching this scene from Dark Matter, it actually does look like Kevin's deliberately not looking at Laurence exiting the car.
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31 December 2013 @ 02:23 am
Things that make me hot:


It's Laurence Fox in Fast Freddie, the Widow and Me, a TV film from 2011 that I bought myself as a Christmas present. A lovely, humorous story, except that it's too short, so there's not enough time for character development, and Laurence's Jonathan ends up being nice all too quickly. Basically, when the earring goes, he's a changed man. *g* Here he is after his first day with the "window lickers":


Well worth watching twice because the characters are more familiar then and a few extra times because Laurence looks gorgeous in all those non-suit outfits he's wearing.







Three wondeful, new James/Robbie fics:
Change of Heart and No Time Like the Present by Anonymous (the same, I suspect)

Sweetest Thing by Sysann
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26 December 2013 @ 12:20 am
I've been having the usual Christmas: company, food, more food, presents, and even more food making me sleepy and a bit cranky. White bread and red meat don't really suit my stomach any more. Salmon and rye bread are good, though. Got a couple of biographies and two frying pans as present. *g* Plus assorted knick-knacks and chocolate. The weather is not very wintery: it's raining again!

When I've had time I've been reading James/Robbie fic, mostly Sarren's. I even reread the threesome fic and actually enjoyed it a lot more now. I've also tried some of the new holiday fics, but so far it's been the usual, well, meh, I guess is my reaction. All hail Robbie the great etc. And James starts to remind me of Snape in those awful OOC fics that made him The Martyr. Yuck.

Also, doesn't anyone write sex scenes anymore? I think I've read two new James/Robbie fics this year that had anal sex in them. It's like all the writes have secretly agreed that anything more than kissing is a no-no. Maybe they think Robbie's too old now? I wonder if there's sex in Laura/Robbie fics?

Some writers don't even seem to be able to decide if their fic is James/Robbie or James & Robbie. I'm not sure if they're trying to please everybody or just not sure what they're writing. "Pre-slash if you like", indeed. Then there are those who have the same difficulty when it comes to rating their fic. *sigh* I've got used to that one by now, though I still can't see why anybody does that either.

The "best" author's note I've spotted so far starts with "As fond as I was of Hathaway's growing job dissatisfaction" !?!!! I was stunned when I saw that. Why are you writing him if that's how you feel? Why would somebody think that's a good thing to say, anyway? I wonder if the fic's by the same person who earlier this year was fond of Laura and Robbie getting together but wrote a James/Robbie fic after their apologetic note. I'd never seen anything like that before. (Imagine a Snarry writer starting they fic by saying how much they liked Harry and Ginny getting together in canon but...) And how the fuck can somebody be "fond" of James' "job dissatisfaction" (if it even was that). Well, I guess if you hate the character and like to see him dissatisfied?

It was very interesting to notice that the news about Lewis returning was received with no enthusiasm on the community. Either people were enthusing somewhere else, couldn't give a fuck about the show anymore or realised what it meant pairing-wise. Not even the James/Robbie shippers who were so glad when Robbie ended up with Laura in canon have been there demanding a wedding and a happy-for-Robbie James acting as his best man, or "better" yet, marrying the two lovebirds. That's another thing I'd never seen before: people being happy when one half of their pairing ended up with a third character.

I guess it's good to see there are still new things to learn about fandom and fans but some things just reek, and not in the Alan Rickman reciting Shakespeare sense.

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16 December 2013 @ 09:20 pm

In other news: It's raining again! Also, have organized all books, DVDs and CDs. Two piles of magazines and lots of papers left. I'm going to do them next year. Read this spoilery article about Sherlock and grinned at this bit:

"It had more gags, and more gags which bleed in from the real world that I don't think I have seen in a popular fiction with that level of success before.

"They were kind of acknowledging a lot of the real world fan reaction, not just what happened and how it was going to be resolved, but also the sexual tension between Watson and Holmes.

"To see that played with in a really fun way, it allows you to laugh at the reality we know goes on with people speculating and getting very excited about that side of their relationship."

They never learn, do they? And if Tumblr is to be believed, the stars of the show read aloud fanfic in some Q&A thing. And people on Tumblr call them "good sports". Well, that's one way of putting it - not.

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14 December 2013 @ 08:52 pm
I don't know what to think about that, except that it can't get any worse, can it? Well, it's only going to be the end of all canon compliant James/Robbie. But it's not like there's much fic like that to read now. Oh well... Here's Laurence looking gorgeous when he gave an interview confirming what Kevin's been saying since autumn.


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13 December 2013 @ 09:08 pm
I was just going to post my second Arthur post here, saying it wasn't as popular as the previous one, but then I went and checked the notes again: 302 *boggles* I think somebody with a lot of followers must have reblogged it. Or maybe it's all the Eames people. Or both. Anyhow, Here's the post with an extra pic that I left out from the original.





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05 December 2013 @ 11:21 pm



This Arthur post of mine has already 64 likes/reblogs. Wow. That's more than any of my Lewis/Laurence Fox posts. I don't think even the ones with all the Billie Piper and Jack Huston people adding to the total have that many. And I didn't even tinker with these for that long a time. I mean, I don't do the Lewis thing to be liked/reblgged (I would've stopped a long ago, if I did), but it's nice to know that not everything I post goes unappreciated. I know that they aren't the best quality-wise and they're not gifs, which people tend to appreciate more but, well, they aren't the worst I've seen either.
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