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10 February 2014 @ 04:29 pm
New Lewis Episodes  
After an extended break from the Police, Hathaway has been promoted to Inspector. When the chemistry that exists with Lewis eludes Hathaway, retired Lewis is drafted back to renew their partnership. It’s a new dynamic for our detectives, but one they’ll have to come to terms with quickly if they are to achieve results.

INSPECTOR Hathaway. After all. Well, what else could they have done when they decided to do THREE (I assume they will be 2x45min/ep) new episodes. I'm hugely relieved they stayed away from everything church/theology related for him. Hopefully they'll keep it that way too. And no more existential flu crap either, please. Also, Laurence has got the screenplay for the first one and it's written by Helen Jenkings:

1new lewis

Difficult to say anything about her because the only cotribution she's made to Lewis so far is writing the screenplay for Intelligent Design, which is Stephen Churchett's story. Who knows how much of it is hers? I just know that I didn't like it, but I didn't like the other series 7 stories either. I also didn't like the James/Robbie interaction in it, what with Robbie treating James like shit.

I really have to wonder what made Kevin and Laurence so keen to make (or is it do?) more episodes.

In other news: I'm convinced that tele-operators make their money by forcing people to call them because the net services mysterously never work as they're supposed to.
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