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30 March 2014 @ 01:41 am
Look who's adorable!  
His Goofiness in Oxford:


The eyelashes and Mr Fish:


In other news: Sherlock meta: mostly good although some of it is pretty dubious. I don't think the writers always even see how they contradict themselves in their eagerness to "prove" Johnlock. Personally, I feel that after that song, it's pretty useless to argue against it being what the writers are thinking. Whether they have guts to put it in text is another matter.

Also, yesterday I made another attempt at reading Johnlock fic and found this immensely (judging by the number of hits) popular story and who did I meet? Severus Snape using the name Sherlock Holmes. That was amusing. I mean, I could've swapped the names and it'd been like reading about Severus in Baker Street. Lol. I'm still waiting for the first Johnlock fic that clicks with me. *sigh*

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