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03 August 2016 @ 06:05 pm
It's been a while...  
And I've gone and become besotted with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Especially Stan. A couple of months ago, while thinking about what to watch, I decided to try them. I had three DVD box sets with their films and, well, I was a goner by the end of the first film, which was A Chump at Oxford. The shorts are the best and there's plenty of them. I've now watched almost all (still waiting for the complete set to arrive) at least once. Current favourites are Liberty, That's My Wife and Their First Mistake. I've also seen some of their solo films from before they became a team. Looking forward to the rest and rewatching and reading about them (ordered many books too).

The Olympics begin on Friday but there's some football already today and tomorrow.
Current Mood: happyhappy